How eSignature technology is keeping HR teams working remotely

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The pandemic has presented a unique challenge for HR teams.

Not only have they had to help employees manage the professional and personal challenges of long-term remote working, they’ve also had to create the right systems and infrastructure to allow them to do their own jobs remotely – from onboarding, to routine admin, appraisals, planning, and much more.

If you’re wondering how to overcome HR challenges and complexity, eSignatures are just one tool that’s relieving the burden on stretched HR teams, clawing back much-needed time, effort, and headspace that can be better used elsewhere.

Read on to find out four ways eSignature is helping HR teams work remotely.

1. Increased offer letter turnaround speed

Traditional paper-based contracts are a time sink, taking on average 15 days to get signed and returned. And not only is it slow, it’s also resource-intensive, with every new employment contract requiring a team member to draft, edit, print, sign, post, and – more often than not – follow-up.

eSignatures can help here by accelerating the process by speeding up turnaround speeds by 80%, and improving completion rates by as much as 26%.

What’s more, eSignature technology like HelloSign allows for verification documents – such as passports, offer letters, NDAs, and other authorizations – to be attached directly to signature requests.

This allows new recruits to sign and share all the necessary documentation in one go, providing HR teams access to everything they need quickly, and in one secure location, making onboarding simple.

In fact, according to Matt Greenburg, Head of Talent at ZeroCater,

“The biggest benefit of using HelloSign is reducing the time-to-hire. Most of our offers get signed within 24 hours (and that includes getting it signed by the CEO).”

2. Mass signature and approvals

HR teams often need to send out many contracts in high volumes – whether it’s onboarding multiple new hires, updating contracts for a specific department, or requiring all employees to review and sign updated policy documents. If getting one document signed is inefficient, managing hundreds of copies is a nightmare.

With an eSignature tools however, HR teams can streamline the process, making it simple to send, sign and track multiple documents, at speed. Rather than approaching each signee individually, you can manage as many as 500 signature requests at a time – and even set up automatic reminders for those who haven’t signed.

The process also offers detailed reporting and a dashboard view of who has and who hasn’t signed, making follow-ups easier, more personalized, and more likely to get a response.

And it’s entirely digital, too – no small benefit for today’s businesses. As per Erin Chmelik, Product Manager at JobAdder,

“Our office is completely devoid of what we call “old-school hardware” such as scanners, fax machines and printers, so HelloSign is a perfect tool to help us streamline all our activities.”

3. Seamless integration with other tools

There’s a huge variety of HR tech out there nowadays, and that’s a blessing for HR teams looking for smart new ways to manage workflows. But if there isn’t thought put into understanding how the different tools work together, a fragmented technology ecosystem can do more harm than good.

HR teams that are lumbered with a portfolio of technologies, all for different processes and none of them integrate properly, employees will spend more time trying to get the tech to work, rather than the tech working for them. This not only impacts on productivity, but team morale too.

The best eSignature tools are designed with integration in mind, using tools like API interfaces to import all the information you need from other tools, right into your eSignature client. You can then get the signatures you need,  send completed forms straight back to signees, and automatically store copies where they need to be.

That means fewer error messages, and more work done.

And when it comes to growth, that seamless integration has benefits, too. At HelloSign, our API-centric approach has proven essential to clients looking to scale quickly and easily.

4. Automated form filling

No one wants to spend their day re-writing the same document over and over again.

But that’s the reality for HR teams, many of whom have have to fill out the same documents day in, day out, or tweak the exact same information so it fits into marginally different formats. What should be a simple, quick admin task rapidly snowballs into a tedious bureaucratic nightmare.

An eSignature solution can help here, too. With Hellosign, you can auto-populate information to duplicate fields on the same form, so you never have to write the same thing twice. Conditional logic can also tweak questions based on previous answers to make sure what you’ve written fits exactly where it should. And real-time validation then makes sure information is entered correctly.

That’s not just good for HR – it’s good for new employees, too.

In the words of Lisa DiVirgilio, KinHR’s Head of Marketing,

“What better way to improve the hiring experience than to have someone come in with their paperwork already signed and ready, instead of sitting in a room filling out paper documents for 1.5 hours?”


Between the day job and responding to the current remote working revolution, HR teams have more than enough to do right now. That makes it more important than ever to lighten the load where you can, and make HR processes as simple and efficient as possible.

An eSignature tool is an effective way to relieve HR professionals of time-consuming admin and other repetitive, mundane tasks. With all the paperwork out of the way, they can focus on what’s really important: helping their teams and businesses thrive.

To find out more about how HelloSign can keep your remote workforce connected, check out our eSignature API for HR here.

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